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When you partner with MTA Motors for your electric motor needs, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. That’s because we begin every customer relationship the same way: by listening. Unlike many larger electric motor manufacturers, we take the time to understand your needs, whether you’re interested in adding a high-quality motor to your product line or developing a reliable, cost-effective custom motor that will improve your product and enhance your bottom line.

The benefits of partnering with MTA Motors are clear:

  • Work closely with a small team who understands your objectives
  • Secure a reliable and reputable source for high-quality motors
  • Develop a custom electric motor for a competitive price
  • Improve performance of your product or equipment
  • Lower costs to increase margins and enhance profitability
  • Leverage industry-leading technology to advance your business
  • Receive personal attention from experts who understand the industry
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind, thanks to extensive testing and a devoted team

Taiwan: A Tiny Island With Huge Advantages

MTA Motors has partnered with a factory in Taiwan that has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of AC induction motors since 1987. Although only roughly 140 miles from mainland China, Taiwan possesses an attitude and approach to manufacturing that’s worlds apart from the Republic of China. The difference is due in large part to the fact that Taiwan is a democracy. The other difference is that, generally speaking, a spirit of collaboration reigns supreme on Taiwan, where entrepreneurs, engineers and suppliers all work together to create the very best solutions – at the very best price. It’s no wonder that our factory has white-labeled motors for some of the top consumer brands in the world.


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We’ll work with you to create a motor that improves performance — and your bottom line.