Looking for a more durable, more dependable electric motor? We specialize in manufacturing a wide array of AC electric motors for OEMs, distributors and specialty applications.


Proven Reliability

We source only quality parts and components. The result is a highly efficient, highly dependable ac induction electric motor.

Leading Innovation

From NEMA Premium Efficiency motors to custom solutions, we’re developing some of the most advanced motors on the market today.

Competitive Pricing

For some, it’s all about the margins. For us, it’s all about providing a premium motor – for an extremely competitive price.

Personal Service

Unlike larger AC motor manufacturers, we will always take the time to listen to you and provide you with the personal service you deserve.

Custom AC
Motors Built
To Your Specs

An AC Motor Manufacturer Focused on Building More Durable Motors.

Welcome to MTA Motors, a family-owned and operated AC motor manufacturer headquartered in Upstate South Carolina. We proudly produce a line of auger, fan and farm duty motors for the agricultural industry, as well as high-quality industrial and general purpose motors.

As a custom motor manufacturer, we can add new motors to our product line rapidly and develop custom AC electric motors as needed. Our factory has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of AC induction motors, making pioneering advancements in the industry while adhering to international safety standards.

Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer looking for a solution for your product or you’re one of America’s top food producers looking for a more reliable motor for your farms, we’re here to help make your business better. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us to start the conversation.

feed line auger motor

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types of ac electric motors we manufacture

We specialize in providing energy-efficient, rolled steel, single and three phase ac induction motors for a wide range of agricultural, industrial and specialty applications. Displayed below are the various types of electric motors we offer. You can view the complete product catalog here.

auger motors

Auger Motors

fan motors

Fan Motors

pedestal fan motors

Pedestal Fan Motors

farm duty electric motors

Agriculture Motors

industrial motors

Industrial Motors

custom electric motors

Custom Electric Motors


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Need a Custom AC Electric Motor Made Just for You?

We’ll work with you to create a motor that improves performance — and your bottom line.